Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods
Sefydliad Ymchwil Gymdeithasol ac Economaidd, Data a Dulliau Cymru

For Parents and Carers


Thank you for allowing your child/children to take part in our study.  Please be aware that if at any point you or your child wish to withdraw their participation then you are free to do so at any point by contacting our team by clicking here.

More about our research

What are we asking pupils about?

Our research involves asking pupils about their experiences at school. We cover topics including:

  • How much pupils like their school subjects and which subjects are their favourites (and why)
  • Their hopes and dreams for the future (both at school and beyond)
  • Sleeping and eating habits (what time do they get up, how often do they skip meals, etc.)
  • Pupils’ opinions of their teacher(s) and other school staff
  • Their spare time, and the activities they take part in
  • Pupils’ friendships, social circles and social activity (how many friends, how much time they spend with them, do they use Facebook, etc.)
  • Family (e.g. how many siblings they have)
  • Thoughts and opinions about teaching and learning (e.g. which classroom activities do pupils like best, and why)
  • Opinions about Wales and the Welsh language.