Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods
Sefydliad Ymchwil Gymdeithasol ac Economaidd, Data a Dulliau Cymru



WISERDEducation is a £1m project following 1,200 pupils aged 5-17 years as they progress through their education.  

WISERDEducation is designed to strengthen educational research in Wales.  Funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW), WISERDEducation aims to:

  • Increase Wales’ capacity to carry out high quality educational research
  • Improve the quality of learning and the standards of teaching and teacher education in Wales

Why do we need WISERD Education?

Over the last 15 years, the Welsh Government has developed an ambitious reform agenda that is placing learning at the centre of social and economic wellbeing.  However, while the reform agenda has been backed by substantial commitment from the education community, there is as yet little evidence to suggest that this commitment has been translated into improved educational experiences and outcomes for learners in Wales.  Indeed, recent analyses (such as PISA) have suggested that the Welsh education system continues to face significant challenges.

In recent years, this ‘small and clever country’ has seen a significant decline in the volume and quality of education research activity taking place within the education departments of its universities.  This decrease in education research activity may create difficulties for Wales in the future.  We know that sound policies need to be based on sound evidence. WISERDEducation will help build that evidence base.