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WISERD presents latest research at Hay Festival

26th May 2017

Hay-credit-Sam-Hardwick-.jpgWISERD researchers will be talking about our work on young people, education and politics, as part of this year’s exciting line-up at the 30th anniversary Hay Festival.

‘Mind the gap’ will be part of the Cardiff Series, presented by Dr Dan Evans, Dr Esther Muddiman, Dr Stuart Fox and Dr Sioned Pearce. It will consider the striking divisions revealed between generations in the result of the 2016 EU referendum.

A majority of 18-24-year-olds voted to remain in the EU while a majority of over-65s voted to leave. Our researchers will address how and why this divide has come about and the importance of the digital revolution in this context.

They will explore the different sources of information, including social media, that young people used to gather information during the EU Referendum last year, and discuss young people’s perceptions of trust with the Leave and Remain campaigns.

From the Wales perspective, researchers will also explore the role of political education in Wales and introduce audience members to our WISERDEducation cohort study. This has involved more than 1,200 pupils in over 30 schools around Wales and is gauging pupils’ political knowledge, in addition to their views, feelings and experiences of many other aspects of life at school.

Researchers will also explore the role of family relationships in shaping of social attitudes. This includes an analysis of how often teenagers spend time with grandparents, what they talk about and do together, and how this shapes their values, beliefs, and behaviours.

The WISERD presentation will take place at 4pm on Thursday 1st June 2017. You’ll be able to follow the action at Hay Festival by following @WISERDNews and @engagementCU on Twitter. We would be delighted to hear your views and answer your questions on any of these topics – tweet us using #CardiffSeries.


Please note, after the pre-election period is over we will be able to share more of our research with you, so please continue to follow us on Twitter and check our website for updates.


Image credit: Sam Hardwick

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