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Prof. David Blackaby

DavidBlackaby.JPGRole: WISERD Co-Director

Institution: Swansea University

Telephone: 01792 602103


David Blackaby is Professor of Economics at Swansea University. Main areas of research are labour markets, regional economics, public policy and the Welsh Economy. Between 1996 and 2005 he was Head of the Economics Department and between 2005 and 2008  Deputy Head of the School of Business and Economics at Swansea University. Between 1991 and 1995 was convenor of the DfEE funded Labour Economics Study Group (EMRU). Was the academic advisor to BSL/MORI on the 2002 Future Skills Wales Project and a member of the WDA Economics Panel 1998-2001. Was a member of the WEFO Structural Funds – All Wales Policy Group between 2002- 2004.  Was a member of the National Assembly: Independent Expert Group on Economic and Social Indicators 2002 to 2004. Was a member of the Economics and Econometrics panel and the Business and Management Panel for the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise.  In 1999 and 2006 was a member of The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education Panel, responsible for writing the Benchmark statement for Economics.  Between 2006 and 2010 was a member of the Research Resources Board of the ESRC. Senior Examiner (Economics) for ESRC PhD Competition 2003-2006.  Chair of ESRC Postgraduate Training Recognition Panel for Economics 2007, deputy chair 2005.    Currently member of the NHS Pay Review Body, Director of WELMERC and Associate Director of Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC).  He has given evidence to the Economic Committee of WG on GDP Targeting and the Enterprise and Learning Committee on Business Support in the 2009 Recession.  In 2010, he gave a presentation on Comparing Business Environments Wales and the Skills Agenda at the IWA National Economic Conference.

Research Interests

David’s main areas of research are labour markets, regional economics, public policy and the Welsh Economy

Current Research

The Scale and Nature of Spatial Disparities, Labour Market Discrimination, Productivity Performance in Wales, Regional Inequalities in Wales

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Selected Publications


Blackaby D, Robinson C, ‘The Productivity Gaps in Wales: Evidence from Firm Level Data’ Contemporary Wales (Forthcoming)

Blackaby D, Murphy P, 2009, ‘The economic downturn and the Welsh economy' The Bevan Foundation Review 12(Summer 2009)

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Robinson C, Carey J, Blackaby D, 2012, ‘Firm performance in Wales – An analysis of productivity using company accounts’  WISERD/WPS/007

Drinkwater S, Blackaby D, Murphy P, 2011, ‘The Welsh Labour Market Following the Great Recession’ WISERD/PBS/002

Jones M, Blackaby D, Murphy P, 2011, ‘Childhood Obesity in Wales’ The Welsh Economic Review 22(Spring) pp 36-42

Blackaby D, Drinkwater S, Jones M, Murphy P, O’Leary N, Perman M, Souabni S, 2010, ‘Modeling and Explaining Regional Differences in Economic Prosperity within Wales’ (A report to the Welsh Government)

Jones M, Blackaby D, Murphy P, 2010, ‘An Investigation into Regional Differences in Child health and Cognitive Function’ An Investigation into Regional Differences in Child health and Cognitive Function (A report to the The Welsh Government)

Blackaby D, 2009, ‘A Living Wage in Wales’ Report to the Welsh Government



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